Bond rates under the YFI protocol


I am new to crypto and have been wondering how I can contribute. I don’t understand why yearn could look to release a form of an issuance bond out that has a considerably lower APY at a fixed rate to hedge other market risks. From researching, I see this bond market currently in crypto is very bad, and I have an idea to put together a corporate issuance bond from yearn. I like to call it a Protocol bond. I think there is a way to do this. Introduce a uniquwe bond market and crypto and secure the returns for people. If you think this is even possible or are interested tp hear my proposal, please lmk. I think this could be another layer for both yearn and in the larger picture, crypto.


This is a great idea, I would love to see you develop this further. Do you need me help? I also have some insurance contacts that I’ve been discussing ILS crypto products with.


Think Yearn would be in a great place to do something like this. Curious to hear ur proposal. Especially if it could be used as a hedge.


I think that’s the thought. It could maybe be a safeguard hedge as well as introduce a strong framework for a tradeable bond market into crypto.