Create a yHEGIC vault

Yes…we need to support good projects where it makes sense. Its going to help grow the network effect of yearn in the long run. There is so much to build and do in defi that its not a zero sum game. Also given that defi is such a new space…its important to have a health attitude towards risk. Its unfair to demonize the devs for the bad stuff while trying to ride only the upside…


Oh bro oh bro! You fell into the trap!

I dont understand unnecessary hate against hegic’s founder, I think she had it enough back in april. I am a user of this protocol and she is done a phenomenal job.

You are wrong about v1 liquidity providers too.

Liquidity providers were given a month to withdraw their liquidity but few people didn’t listen to it and she had to release the UI again.

Please do your research properly.



Whats the current state of this proposal? Is it going to make it to a governance vote? I’m looking for something like this and I’m sure another yield aggregator will make it if yearn doesn’t take the lead on it…

@gurug [Proposal] yHEGIC Vault by ZLOT

EDIT: Apologies but the above is a DIFFERENT proposal and not the same one as this


Good catch. @macarse and I aren’t associated with that other project. Just wanted to quickly jump in to let y’all know.

Our vault code is currently under review by the core devs. Hopefully we should be able to get you folks some info soon!


I don’t have a problem with Molly’s tweet. Andre and other devs have expressed similar frustrations.

My only concern is it’s a one person dev team. (Pls. correct me if this is not the case)
If Andre quits, banteg or the other devs can fill in. What if Molly quits or is incapacitated?

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HEGIC is more than just Molly with a team of anon devs building it, just like how YFI isn’t just Andre.

One thing for sure is that there is huge demand from smaller holders to be able to stake HEGIC. Current real yields are >50% APY across the board EXCLUDING inflationary yields.