Didn't receive reward last week

I didn’t receive my reward last week. Does anyone know what’s happening …
No comms and my kp3r is vested for 4 years…
Who do I contact to get this resolved as I don’t want to be a fudder on twitter. Thanks.


Would you mind DMing me your wallet addr through telegram @Sato0x and lemme check it out for you?

How can I dm you in telegram when your not a contact and I don’t have your number… excuse ignorance as I don’t really use telegram. Thanks

Official ones are closed right now. You can either join unofficial one Telegram: Contact @KeepKP3R or just post it here.

Thanks I have DM you my address in telegram. Thanks for the help.

Any updates here? I’m in the same position. The last time I received a reward was April 21.