Fixed Forex - Support thread

first you read contract you see you hold 1137927081160453 in uint26.

Then go to write contract, withdraw and put that number in. Then you will find your euro in the curve factory pool to withdraw.

There is no interface you have to use contracts directly.

thank you that was very helpfull
find it

thanks. Gas fees to get out of this are grim no matter when i try it. Even at low gas price times. This sucks and should of been fixed by fixed forex team over a month now

I’m pretty familiar with curve, etc. Just getting into IB / FF. 1 question if you do not mind:

1.) How do I use my veCRV to boost the crv apy for the ibGBP pool on Curve? I do not see a gauge for ibGBP or any ib’s so I know I’m missing something. My other holdings are in yearn now so I’d like to put my veCrv to use again coming out of vesting

Thank you!

you can vote for the curve gauge at


name of the gauge is F-IBGBP

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unless you have tens of millions of veCRV it is probably not worth it. see the yields on convex for all the ib pairs if you want to use the protocol for yield.

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