Java implementation of YFI


Can I create an implementation of YFI completely in JAVA programming language ?

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You’re free to do as you please– one of the beautifies of decentralization and open-source code.

However, keep in mind that anything you create will not be officially associated with Yearn or YFI.

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why ? I will contribut to YFI, and at the end it will be benifical to YFI, right ?

If it’s beneficial to the community, then sure.

If you’re looking for more info about development, probably the #dev channel in the Yearn discord is your best place to start.


They way I see things working in DAO world is first you built it, then they come.

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Just happen to be strolling by, here is a reference for you:

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I don’t understand, please clarify

Ok, When I have read the doc of YFI, I have understood that YFI is a marketplace for trading between cryptocurrencies (like a Stock Exchange = Bource (fr)), but what I haven’t understood very well is the starategy, becauseI’m new in this area, so can you refer me to somewhere when I could read more in depth about those strategies ?

If you’re looking for more info regarding Yearn, check out the docs, or head to our telegram group or discord server to ask more questions.

I’m closing this discussion here, as something like this is probably better suited to the #dev or #strategies channel in the discord.