Let's give Cover NFTs a new face

late artists are we banding together with our pitchforks? i had the designs done the same evening as the announcement a couple weeks ago but i took a trip this weekend and i didn’t bring my computer. didn’t realize it was only gonna be open for 48 hours.

in case the late artists get traction, here’s a preview of my submissions: they are dual sided (animated, rotating, with yearn logo on back + QR code) and I have three pairs. i didnt actually sit and render the animated yearn versions cause each render takes like 30 minutes and i’m not confident these submissions will be accepted. if theres a chance then yeah ill render and submit.

example backside with yearn logo

animated examples (from a rarible project of mine)

gold-v1.2 aluminum-v1.1 black-v1.1

Who won the competition?

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Please continue checking the forum. Something may arise today :eyes:

Art is so good that it took some time to get the judges to decide.

Grand finale :partying_face: