Love Letters for Andre

Andre, you’re my Defi MVP. I’ve learned so much more from you than I ever could’ve just trying to research on my own. Your an inspiration to all of us, stay strong!


Andre, your name will go down in crypto history as one of the greats who made real contributions to the growth of the DeFi industry. I hope after taking time away you come back with that same fiery passion that has inspired dozens of people to get involved. If you decide to never return, or return under a pen name - we support your decision and want what’s best for you! Congratulations for making it this far, I’m rooting for your continued success <3


It is obvious that he is one of the most creative thinker and fast executor in the space. But I like him most because of his selflessness.


The lesson is as old as the first investment. We praise those that enrich us, and tarnish the very people when we lose. Kudos of Andre for his technical brilliance and humble actions.


I like your memes almost as much as your code. Your humble nature and wonderful intellect are inspiring. You are an excellent human being, Andre. Take care of yourself. Hope to see you again soon.



I want you to know that I greatly appreciate you for your fantastic work and contributions to the community. I can think of no better steward of economic opportunity within crypto today.

Yearn has helped me reach economic security in a way that I didn’t think possible, and I think fondly of your work as I slather my bottom in the finest of scented oils daily. Thank you!


Hey Andre, I remember your first letter about how building in crypto sucks and didn’t realize until a lot later that you were the same person who built YFI. I was late to YFI (but here now!) and missed EMN ( wouldn’t have figured it out anyway) but I have a lot of respect for what you’ve built, and got to learn more about your thought process through your multiple interviews. I think you’re one of the best out there and we definitely could use more like you.

Take your time to rest up and reset. You deserved it. Just don’t let detractors bring you down. They’re just not worth it. You have a lot of supportn as you can see, so focus on the love :slight_smile:


Keep your chin up Andre! Ignore the haters and keep on building the crucial money legos that will take DeFi to the next level. Focus on the mission, not the detractors. You cannot please everyone and nor should you try. You are a builder, so build. You are not a politician (thank God!) who must cater to the whims of your constituents. People in this space need to realize that we are living on the bleeding edge of innovation and therefore one should expect to get cut and bleed sometimes. These haters need to take some responsibility for their actions.


You’re one of the reasons I’m moving from regular software into crypto! Your lack of personal greed, and public contribution is an inspiration. Automated yield as a public good for everyone is :pray::heart:. Give yourself whatever it is you feel you need. Take care of yourself. You’ve done plenty for all of us. I wish you happiness, health, and freedom from suffering.


I know you don’t need the validation of another internet stranger but if you are reading this Andre you have been an inspiration for a new way of thinking. What you’ve contributed to the Ethereum ecosystem in terms of ideas and approach is already invaluable, that also goes for the wider Yearn team. I can’t believe how hard you guys work and the value you create, but please know it is appreciated.

I’ll leave you with this quote which sums up both sides of recent events:

‘A wise man speaks when he has something to say, a fool speaks because he has to say something’


我想对 Andre 先生 说,EMN被黑 这件事情,错和责任,都不在于您身上。

还是 Andre先先的责任?,,,


我想说:这事与 Andre先生无关。假如有人说 Andre先生不应该发推特,那么我们是否可以反问这个人:“如果 Andre先生发个推说某地方有屎,那个人他会带着1500万美金,不顾一切去吃屎吗?”。

如果这个人说,他会去吃的,那么,很明显,这更加证明这些叫嚣 Andre先生要负责任的人是神经病,从而还是说明这不是 Andre先生的错了。

Andre先生创办了Yearn.Finace,这真是一个十分了不起的事情,对整个区块链行业,做出了巨大的贡献,树立了光辉的榜样。希望 Andre先生继续推进Yearn.Finace项目的发展,为区块链行业的进步,做出更多的贡献。



I will keep it short and sweet.

You kicked stared a Defi yield farming revolution with your amazing ideas and style of work.

You made the lives of many, including myself, infinitely better with your vision.

I wish I was half the man you are, and could positively impact so many peoples lives the way you have.

You seem like a real bro, I wish we could grab a drink together, but alas I will just have to poor one out in your abscence.

Never stop building and never apologise for who you are.


I love you Andre. Nuff said.


To me, what you’ve done that’s more valuable than anything is doing things the right way.

You showed crypto that a human can be selfless enough to deploy something great, and give themselves very little. A vast majority of people in this space let greed overwhelm their desire for making something that’s truly as decentralized as possible.

People undervalue the fact that you did more to deter users than any other protocol ever. If anyone who wasn’t privy to Yearn info saw the website and its disclaimers, they would get the impression that their money could likely disappear. Again, a reflection of the good intent that the protocol was built with.

When you realized that narratives were getting out of hand, you went on a full fledged podcast press run and gave us hours of insight. People who listened to these interviews know that the only things you want are for people to not lose their money and for innovation to be possible in an environment where the two don’t blend.


It can be scary to see how much power an angry community has, but for every hater, there’s a few fans. And they’re your fans because you do you.

Would love to hear you address things to a trusted interviewer again. Stay safe.


Kom Andre, vat 'n ‘break’, kry jou kop reg en kom terug en doen wat gedoen moet word. Moenie dat 'n klein klompie idiote jou wegjaag van een van die belangrikste bydraes tot vryheid nie.
Komaan!! Afrikaners gaan le nie so maklik nie.

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Andre, I pray for your happiness and health. Find the silence and listen to your heart. Obviously we all hope for your return and we’d be honored to build alongside you. But we also understand if your path forward to happiness is not with Yearn. Hope all is going well.



Andre, you are a giant in this early space, whose shoulders will support many in years to come. Thank you.



Never has someone in the Crypto space inspired me so fiercely as you have. I worship your thought processes, philosophies, words of wisdom (either read or heard) and take them to heart (yes, only after logical evaluation). This Yearn community that you enabled is magical and such magic doesn’t happen often.

There will always be detractors in every step of life, but true strength of the foundation is only shown when such detractors are at full force. I have no doubt in my mind that you and Yearn’s foundation have that strength times many more.

Wishing you the best in whatever you do, and yes, I’ll always be following you closely. Thank you for everything!

PS: I don’t think you’re going anywhere away from Yearn. Infact, pretty sure your plans are gonna make it orthogonally stronger. \m/


Andre, Banteg, entire team, every active strategy-builder, and every meaningful proposal-proposer – I couldn’t be more excited about all the new improvements to come. It’s mind-boggling to think how far yearn has come in a few months and what this whole project will look like in a year. Best way for me to think about it is Amazon of defi but you’re improving 10x faster than they did. The work you all do is incredible and getting better, and the ethics at the top of this project are the very best anywhere.


I’m just getting started with my first Defi project ever today, and I’ve learned alot from your code and the projects that you have generously shared. Thanks for giving back to the community. Please keep up the good work and ignore the haters.