[Poll] Next Token for yVaults

Once SNX and LINK are up and running, I’d like to see a BTC defi tokens vault. One that could benefit from all the most popular wrapped BTC available (RENBTC, WBTC, sBTC, etc.). I don’t know if that makes sense in terms of liquidity/market cap. Just floating the idea :slight_smile:


Let’s go with SNX next. A SNX yVault would do wonders for the small holders given that Mintr management fees are prohibitively expensive right now.

Also, there is a lot of interest around SNX at this time… and we should give something back considering we have been cloning some of their contracts! :stuck_out_tongue:

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it should be SNX, but it would make Kain angry and he may search for some counter-measures :slight_smile:

A YFI vault would be my personal favorite but I don’t know if aave is planning on adding YFI as a collateral.

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SNX the most obvious choice. 86% staked inefficiently - high gas costs and lots of manual and confusing work. Huge benefit and cost savings to them moving to yvault. probably take most of it in the first week. vote SNX…

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I’d love to see a BNT vault eventually, though it would have to employ a non-Aave strategy.

With Bancor v2’s post-impermanent loss protocol set to capture tons of liquidity it’s a good option and it could provide good opportunities for programatic yield farming. Since every pool on Bancor v2 will be BNT + TOKEN and they use fees for rebalancing not arb – so one could switch BNT around to different pools harvesting the best fees.


@tracheopteryx do you have enough technical knowledge to formalize what should be done in order to farm Banvor v2 pools? Meaning, how simple farming strategy should look like (need exact steps)?

I think I could sketch something out, yeah

I would love to see renBTC added. The protocol is solid and would be a great, trustless way to bring BTC to YFI.

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I would like to see a BTC vault too. I think yearn could smash all other BTC rates offered elsewhere. I’d prefer REN but I see the appeal of wBTC as it’s the most liquid.

why? The added buy pressure is good for SNX.

YFI vVaults. Think about it


what about MANA or ETH? I haven’t seen so much interest in those two.
is it because of the interest that you can earn on those?

SInce ETH has been added I would put it top of my list. ETH, DAI, LINK, SNX, wBTC

Don’t you guys want to earn yield on your YFI bags? It will give us even more reason to hold YFI. We just need to convince Stani to put YFI on Aave.


I have a very good understanding of Bancor’s v2 solution and particularly how the BNT side of the pool will have constantly flcutuatong APYs. It has to do with dynamic fees incentivizing arbs and also LPs to balance the pools.

And I think as a way to speed up the governance process. The next coins to be added to the vault should be a batch, perhaps 5. We should conduct a vote to find the 5 most agreed upon coins and have the proposal add all of them.


So is there a new poll for the token to be added after link or is this that poll?

We can’t borrow stable coin with YFI. If only we had our own stable coin…

Get stani to list YFI on Aave. Shouldn’t be hard right?


Could YFI be used in ySwap similar to how Bancor uses BNT?