[POLL] yfi split

Do you know if Yearn has ever engaged an outside marketing team? I just don’t intuit any relationship between Woofy and the services Yearn provides. I wonder if others close to me on the normie spectrum feel similarly.

after a week, it looks like the above informal poll is strongly in favor of a split.

any thoughts from the crowd on what would be logical next steps? i suppose it might make sense to try to combine a formal split proposal with a proposal to change tokenomics, should a change be desired.

but maybe that’s too complicated? perhaps it makes sense to create an independent snapshot vote for a split, even if multiple amendments to the yfi contract end up happening simultaneously?

what are your thoughts on sequencing?

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oof. YFI is that much slower than AAVE or COMP? Sad since the yield function is good.

I guess a split couldn’t make it any worse.

only in terms of this limited use metric.

i don’t like advocating for contributors to spend their limited time on a split, but it feels like it might be pretty important for the top of the funnel.

further, it seems like the type of problem that would get worse over time (and also even more annoying to fix).

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