Proposal 8: Halving YFI weekly supply the same as bitcoin

Ya…lets come up with something more sexy :wink:

I am AGAINST this proposal: This is an arbitrary replication of a non relevant inflation model.

Also, the current split of pools is suboptimal and can be condensed to accomplish the same purpose with more efficiency in emissions deployed to rewards:


I do not agree with this proposal, and I hope it does not pass quorum. In the future, please please allow for more discussion before putting your proposal up on the blockchain. It makes it more likely that very bad proposals like prop 8 might be passed if you don’t allow for community discussion.

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You can vote against if don’t like it. More than 3M votes now, so you say there is no discussion?

It looks as though you immediately put it up for a vote when you posted the thread, so there was not sufficient discussion, no.
I will not vote against, just as I am sure many are holding their votes, because we would like it to not reach quorum. This is the issue; it’s possible that it could be edged over 33%, with no one voting except the for people because the against people would like to let it die.

What do you propose happens when we reach the 60k in two months? Do we just start another proposal to print more? Why do we need to dilute our supply by 50% in the first place? Why not 10% or 20% or 30%? This is why we needed discussion before the vote was proposed.

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Why do you think 50% will let it die? Aren’t you a miner? If you continue to mine YFI, your YFI’s share will not be diluted. What i want to do is to let the liquidity stay in the pools. imo liquidity is the most important factor to the success of YFI project. When they are gone, we will be back form the start.

There is no difference between 10%, 20%, 30% if you continue to mine YFI.

I am AGAINST this proposal. 50% supply circulation in 2nd week is hype inflation

I am a holder, and I am willing to dilute half of my YFI to new comers for a more stronger community. This will let your YFI worth far more than twice of current price

This will lead to MTA fiasco

you can earn the according share of inflations if you continue mining, the same as week1 :slight_smile:

i think we are all agree to keep farming, but 50% in 2nd week feels too much for me, tho. Check the other proposals. Even the highest one have 50% in 2-5 years. This is like a kaboom tbh…

Beside check this inflation models in here :
Some good stuffs

Thanks, I will take a research on this model.

Sorry, but I’ll hold my vote since the inflation mode is really a BIG thing and worth more discussion, while simply adopting the weekly halving model may not fit.
As the project turns out to be successful, speculators and investors will carry tons of capitals to exploit the pool, which will dilute both the share and efforts taken by early adopters. Thus, a more considered inflation model should be drawn to fit the autonomous nature of Yearn ecosystem, balancing both liquidity and governance.


A CRV distribution with Curvefi will start in the coming weeks.
I think the main yCRV pool for Curvefi has sufficient incentives to provide liquidity.
YFI holders can receive stake rewards at Year Finance Pool 4.

So I don’t think that an excessive YFI additional distribution is needed.

Nice idea in general. Altho I think I’d like a smoother curve and slightly lower starting point. Isn’t Darryl Lau working on an improved proposal atm?

If I am not mistaken, you assumed that the soundness of the yearn ecosystem is tightly associated with the liquidity of YFI pools, and hence the price of YFI.

Yet, note that the yearn ecosystem had been steadily developed in Andre’s hands and healthily engaged by the community before YFI was even released.

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Proposal #8 is not gonna pass at this stage with only 9.95% of total votes, not enough to pass the quorum. Does that mean the end to inflation and incentives?

No, it only means we will poll inflation proposals until one of them passes.

may i ask where u get the percent value of total votes?