[PROPOSAL] Job Scouters & Strategists Incentives


  • The objective of this program is to attract new biz devs, developers and protocols to integrate Keep3r Network.
  • Establish a 550 $KP3R allocation towards Keep3r V2 adoption.
  • Establish a payout of 1 $KP3R per Job towards Job Scouters.
  • Establish a payout of 10 $KP3R per Job towards Job Strategists.


We at DeFi Wonderland would like to propose a “Scouters & Strategists” incentives program to attract DAO participants to collaborate with the growth of Keep3r’s Keeper Network.

After the successful deployment of Keep3r V2 on mainnet, the protocol requires DAO contributors that actively reach out protocols in order for them to integrate into the network / migrate into the V2.

This program contains 2 profiles to be incentivized:

  • Job Scouters (1 $KP3R per job): these entities are in charge of going after protocols and trying to acquire their devops businesses under Keep3r Network, this includes:

    • coordinating with the protocol’s team and digesting the necessary info for the strategist.
    • coordinating with the protocol’s team to provide the LPs required for credit mining.
    • coordinating with the strategist for the development of the job.
  • Job Strategists (10 $KP3R per job): these entities are in charge of developing the jobs required for the scouted protocols to integrate into the Network, this includes:

    • development of the job’s code.
    • providing the necessary scripts for the protocol’s team to deploy.
    • providing the necessary scripts for Keep3r-CLI.

All the tasks outlined above will have the following requirements for a complete payout to be made:

  • Deployed jobs shall be associated to a protocol’s necessity (eg. Yearn’s harvest, Convex’s harvest, Popsicle’s re-balance, etc.).
  • Deployed jobs need to be credit funded.
  • Deployed jobs need to be worked at least 2 times.

All reward decisions, including eligibility for and amounts of the rewards and the manner in which such rewards will be paid, are made at our sole discretion.

The terms and conditions of this Program may be altered at any time.

Job Scouters, Job Strategists and Protocols are allowed to be the same entity (a protocol could come to Keep3r, develop, deploy and run their own job and be rewarded the full 11 $KP3R for doing so, as long as they meet the requirements).


Since the launch of Keep3r Network, V1 has seen a decent amount of jobs submitted in the network and fully functional, but the growth at some point started to slow down and nowadays Yearn is currently 90% of the Keeper Network business.

The objective of the program is to incentivize already eager DAO participants to go after protocols and evangelize them about the benefits of having a decentralized network of keepers performing the upkeeps of their protocols (instead of their centralized single point of failure bots).


Mint 550 $KP3R to the DAO multi-sig which will be handled towards the “Scouters and Strategists” incentives program.

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  • No, I’m against this proposal.

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Disclosures & additional comments

  • DeFi Wonderland holds a significant stake on $KP3R.
  • DeFi Wonderland will not partake on this incentive program, although it will continue to support the participants.
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Can it be possible to expose a standard interface like MakerDAO’s Keeper bots, i.e.

pragma solidity ^0.8.9;

interface IJob {
    function getNextJob(bytes32 operator) external returns (bool canExec, address target, bytes memory execPayload);

I know us (manifold) and eden network would be interested in providing connectivity and resources if we get the tx flow, msg me on telegram ser

I would like to apply for Job Scouters and Job Strategists all together.
How I can do ? Is there a form to fill in ?