[Resource] Created a statistics tool to help track your Keep3r earnings & transaction fees

Saw there was quite a demand for a statistical and tracking tool so went ahead and built something.

Feel free to use it or share it via twitter/etc with other keep3rs/job providers and you can tag me if you wish to.

link is : https://keep3r.live

you can check your personal stats at


for jobs



This is very very nice! Love it!

This is amazing! Thank you! <3

that is a great job! thank u!

very helpful and amazing!Thank you

Great tool. Thank you.

@andre.cronje This (and probably next versions hopefully) fulfills my initial idea of a dashboard with data on keep3r network. I suggest zashton gets the bounty? Thxs

@zashton can we get besides total results also some kind of a historic view including sorting possibility (min max and perhaps average)? Thank you for this fine work

Hey @Fred , thanks man. i already received a kind donation from @andre.cronje.

Are you referring to having another graph within the keeper’s page showing a daily min max earnings per work ?