When will the $YFI vault be improved?

When is the $YFI v1 vault getting upgraded to v2 and getting new strategies?

The people holding funds there have been doing badly compared to almost any other method of gaining yield on $YFI.


As per YIP-56: Buyback and Build Yearn is using the ecosystem fees to buyback YFI from the market instead of giving it to YFI stakers in ygov/yyfi vault. Governance staking and the vault should be yielding 0 APY currently.

The YFI vault, for now, is set to ygov and until it is updated, it will yield 0 APY. The YFI vault is currently not our top priority so I do not have an eta on when a new strategy will be made for it, if ever. Currently, it has a withdrawal fee but we are disabling it and it will be gone in a day or so.

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Please reply here again when the withdraw fee has been disabled.


The withdrawal fee on the YFI vault has been disabled.


Hi. May I ask where you will put your YFI to work ? Thanks.

Bancor might be the best place they have some space in the 1-sided LP protection pool but for full protection, it’s best to stay in the pool for 100 days. I also farm on secret network as they have decent apy on their bridge but it’s more complicated than bancor and more centralized as well. You can also try staking in UNI or elsewhere but that would be subject to IL.