yETH <=> ETH Delegated Vault

I’m generally not really understanding what’s going on. Can someone please put me through?

I think that it will use a CDP instead of borrow from compound because the yvault will have access to the ETH/USD maker Oracle so the ETH will be safe from liquidation.


I think it would be worth thinking about how to avoid triggering a CGT event here. For most parts of the world swapping ETH => yETH etc could possibly be triggering a capital gains event. Is there a way to just deposit the ETH and you can just see your ETH balance go up over time. Or better still your ETH balance goes up only when you withdraw. This would mean you only need to worry about the interest being income tax, and not worry about triggering CGT events when depositing ETH.

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I posted about a similar issue a few days ago and got no response. Would be interested in ideas.

This would be interesting to explore

I’m confused. I read on the news that this vault has launched today but I can’t see it on

Has it really launched? If so where is it?


No one here knows anything about the launch? Then where did newsbtc get the info the vault was launched today?

This is confusing…

It has not launched. @banteg has been making some whispers on twitter about it so it seems likely that it launches today but that’s not for sure

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Thanks @dudesahn That explains it

Another article just came out saying that the vault is already live…

“Given that the ETH vault went live on the Yearn Finance protocol earlier today, there is a high probability of a bullish breakout in the ETH price.” from here


Man, it’s clickbait. Just follow yearn on Twitter to find out when it will be alive.


Yeah, will do. Thanks

Also saw that, the test version came out, but it is not launched on YFI.


Where is the code? I have seen no repo or code that does this.

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Follow @banteg on twitter…


Crazy, 500ETH has deposited

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yETH vault officially out on yEarn.

Enjoy everyone. This is our first community-developed vault and strategy. A lot of people have been involved in making it, but I’d like to spotlight @orbxball as he is the mastermind behind this strategy.

Deployed at:

  • yWETH vault 0xe1237aA7f535b0CC33Fd973D66cBf830354D16c7
  • StrategyMKRVaultDAIDelegate 0x932fc4fd0eEe66F22f1E23fBA74D7058391c0b15

Hi @banteg. Any info about yWETH supply ?