Bonding for kp3r

Hi my Kp3r has been in pending bond from last week? Anyone can help me pls

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Have you also tried activating the bond after waiting 3 days?

I have not tried yet

How are the steps to unbond

Select Unbond > Enter amount > Withdrawable after 14 days > Select withdraw

I’ve withdrawn with a successful contract interaction but do not see any KP3R in my wallet, is there another wait period before it’s reflected in my wallet ?

KP3R remains in “Unbonds Pending” even after withdrawing it


im having same issue. It just shows my bonds pending. I waited the 14 days and not showing up in wallet.


Same exact issue. Can you actually unbond? Doesn’t seem like it.


yea same issue here , seems there is no way out of this

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Merge pull request #22 from listonjesse/withdrawAll · keep3r-network/keep3r.governance@065be54 (

Can you guys reload the website and see if this update is live? The withdraw button should show up, but it should just call withdraw without a text box for amount and no cancel button