Governance V2 bug - widespread - cant unstake YFI etc

Seems like a lot of chat on discord, lots of ppl are having problems

same issue here. It’s been more than 3 days already and can’t unstake and exit tokens. Is there a prior step or requirement to do so?

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You just need to “Unstake”. If you “Unstake and Exit”, the contract is trying to take out the yCRV rewards as well, but the breaker in the contract has not been set so you will see some extreme gas fees.

The “Unstake” button connects the “withdraw” method of the contract which should execute with low gas fees (about 100kGas, which at 40Gwei is about 0.004 ETH in txFees).

“withdraw” will give you back your YFI, but leave the rewards in the contract.


This is interesting because it still requires a hefty fee if I were to unstake, almost a full ETH in gas, any idea why this is?

@Spooky If you voted, your YFI will be locked in the governance contract for 17280 blocks from the block you voted on (approximately three days, assuming ethereum block rate of 1 block every 15s).

If you try to unstake when the tokens are locked in the contract you will see a very high fee to unstake.


Thank you that makes more sense now!