My ETH wallet 2nd hack, last of YFI?

A few months ago I had accidentally left my wallet connect linked without realizing it and watched $1500 in Tokens be liquidated as I didn’t have any ETH to reject the txns.

I thought I had delinked that ETH address as it only held about $50 in YFI Tokens and not enough ETH to do anything ($10) worth .

From my Samsung Blockchain wallet I got notified of a 3rd party app that sent ETH to me to move the YFI out to uniswap to WETH to nothing.

I am gonna rid myself of that ETH account and any wallet that has had it linked. I just don’t understand how out of the blue without connecting to anything that this was hacked.

I have TRUST wallet, METAMASK, ledger, my Ether wallet and Coinbase wallet along with exchanges.

After getting hacked a few months ago and since the fees are so high on ETH blockchain I haven’t been doing anything on it and keeping the crypto either on the exchange or on ledger.

I can follow the txn up to it being zapped into WETH then liquidated. This person deposited ETH to be able to take my remaining YFI as I, wasn’t going to buy ETH to transfer the small amount of YFI.

This is the txn of the theft of YFI Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

Anyone who is more knowledgeable want to take a look at this and advise.